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it-solutions-hand-mouseHigh Quality Technological Solutions at Cost Effective Prices

New Dimensions has been in business since 1984 providing technological solutions that will save you Time and Money. Our solutions will not only help increase productivity, but assist in streamlining your company to help maximize your profits. I.T. should make your company more efficient. Leveraging the latest products and expertise, New Dimensions provides tailored solutions that make complex technologies perform more effectively, cost less to operate, and increase business value. We offer thousands of products and services from trusted manufacturers’ including Canon, Cisco, Epson, HP, IBM, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, and Xerox. We have the experience and expertise to incorporate the best possible solution in order to solve your technological challenges.

System Integrations

New Dimensions services and integrates Servers, Workstations, Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Plotters, and a variety of peripherals from leading hardware manufacturers. We make sure everything works together as a “technology solution”. Our solutions encompass various server and desktop configurations, thin clients, VPN, E-mail systems, network infrastructure, systems maintenance, wireless, security, storage and backup solutions, helpdesk & asset management, and much more. Our proven hands-on expertise in systems integration allows us to solve your business problems by bringing complex technologies together to provide interoperability among different vendors’ equipment and services. We are an authorized IBM Business Partner, and we custom configure products that tailor to your organizations exact needs.

In today’s world, improving business efficiencies, driving up market share, and achieving business results depend upon the intelligent integration of hardware, software, networks and people to solve business problems. Get a handle on your current IT assets with our inventory management services and solutions. Control software licensing and standardize support requirements with New Dimensions imaging services for new and previously deployed systems. Our system management services help control software version differences from system to system, as well as reduce support cost at the first level of Help Desk support.

Data Storage Services

New Dimensions provides an extensive array of data storage and backup solutions that can fit any budget.  Our knowledge and expertise will provide you with easy to use, cost effective solutions to save, store, and protect your data.  Data is one of your company’s biggest assets.  If you do not have an absolute failsafe disaster recovery plan you could be jeopardizing tens of thousands of dollars, as well as your company’s future.

As requirements for long-term data storage increase, supporting real-time data snapshots, compliance with HIPPA and Sarbanes Oxley, and the need for a scalable storage infrastructure all become more important.  At New Dimensions we understand your needs for storage solutions that improve performance and strengthen business continuity.

Storage Assessments
We begin with a complete storage assessment that lays the foundation for successful design and implementation.  We identify specific capacity and performance requirements, define server and network resources, and ascertain application usage and data sharing requirements.

Based on this knowledge, our storage experts plan and implement “best fit” strategies for data storage, protection, and functionality.  These strategies will meet your current and long-term needs.

Network-Attached Storage (NAS)
Network-Attached Storage (NAS) connects directly to a local area network (LAN), allowing users to access and share data without directly attaching to application servers.  NAS offers rapid implementation, scalability, and streamlined management and administration.

At New Dimensions, our NAS solutions help analyze business objectives, data and storage environments, and future storage requirements.  You can count on us to uncover operational challenges and network availability issues as they relate to your future storage needs.

Storage Area Networks (SAN)
There are many issues that drive the need for storage area networks (SANs) such as consolidating storage, lower management costs, reducing network impact, improving data availability, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Planning.  At New Dimensions, we design and implement services for every aspect of your SAN strategy from availability to recovery.  Our expertise and project management skills empower us to develop technically sound, operationally efficient, and financially practical solutions.

Remote Backup Services

Are you protecting your most valuable business asset? What would happen if you lost all the data on your computer backup?

New Dimensions Remote Backup Service can help protect your business utilizing the internet to transfer your data with 128 bit encryption and SSL security. Your most valuable business asset will always be safe, even if your computers are not. You can get a new computer tomorrow, but how long would it take you to reenter all the business data that your very livelihood depends on? Studies show most businesses that experience a catastrophic loss of computer data never recover.

There’s nothing you have to do. The system is automatic, affordable, and secure. You are the only one who has access to your data.

Get Peace of Mind knowing every night your critical data Is secure. Computers can be replaced overnight. Now, so can data! Contact us today to make sure your data stays safe.

Security Services

At New Dimensions, we approach network security from a holistic defense perspective.  To put it simply, we keep the bad guys out and your data protected.

Security is Important
Today, a new security vulnerability is discovered approximately every 4 hours.  Hackers are continually inventing new ways to compromise your network, including internal attempts from disgruntled or malicious employees.  With every new Internet connection, or shared resource, your business becomes more vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated and malicious attacks.  Your web content could be defaced, critical files deleted or corrupted, confidential information stolen, or your network infested with potentially harmful viruses, spyware, malware, or worms.  You simply can’t afford to ignore today’s security threats to your network information.

Security Assessments
It is imperative you have a strong security posture.  At New Dimensions, we conduct a front-end assessment to check for holes and gaps that are gateways for hackers.  Then we custom design a “lock-down” blueprint of processes, policies, and methodologies that keep your systems from crippling productivity.

New Dimensions security consultants have experience in the fields of data security auditing, penetration testing, intrusion detection, security policy development, and federal security compliance.

Security Management
New Dimensions leverages proven software and tools, as well as secures best practices that will protect your business against threats.  We design, implement, and manage security technologies that minimize vulnerability.  This includes world-class firewall and content filtering devices to protect against inappropriate content, Human Resource issues, and privacy/legal situations.

We also stonewall productivity sapping nuisances like SPAM, Spyware, and Malware. We offer optimal protection solutions using cutting-edge products like Cisco, Symantec, Checkpoint, Barracuda, and more.  Solutions that deliver integrated firewall protection and VPN support. This arsenal includes powerful application proxies and extended perimeter security that filters entire data streams to detect and remove dangerous attachments and, if needed, deny network access.